Friday, 24 July 2015

Sunshine On A Rainy Day


Hello you lovely lot. All fine and dandy I hope?

So today Olly and I drove to an unfamiliar part of Cornwall, and met up with Christina, whose blog A Colourful Life, has long been a favourite of mine. If you haven't already, you should pop over and say hello.

The weather in Cornwall has been decidedly mixed, and today was no exception. In fact I was woken up early this morning by the most torrential downpour. The night before, I had packed a bag full of sun cream and swimming shorts. This morning, I re-packed with wellies and waterproofs. As Olly and I drove from one side of Cornwall to the other, I was struck by how the landscape was devoid of colour. There were no blue hues from sea and sky. Nor any verdant green hedgerows to admire. It was all a bit murky and drab.

Looking at the above pictures now, I am struck by the three very colourful boys that take centre stage. And it's not just their brightly coloured coats, although I did think that was rather cute. The photos give an indication of their colourful personalities, fizzing energy, inclusivity, happiness and zest for life. They just got on with hanging out together, and I loved that. They were three mad pops of colour, and they more than made up for the slate grey seas and sombre skies.

I can't believe I didn't think to get a picture of Christina and I together. It was an absolute pleasure to meet her, and her family. Olly and I were made to feel so welcome, with homemade scones, cups of tea and enthusiastic (and very loud) games around the table.

What a lovely way to start our summer holidays.

Leanne xx

(I shall be away from here for about a week).

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Speak Like A Child




I've said it before, and I'll say it again.....

It's been a bitch of a couple of days.

What with one thing and another, I am wrung out. I am this far away from going to the Co-op and buying a carton of ice cream. I wonder if they do gin flavoured? Who'd be a Mum to three boys? That's what I want to know. Three topsy turvey, unruly, naughty boys. Buggers. That's what they are. Utterly doing my head in.

Rant over. Cheers for that. Feel a bit better now.

I sat in my friend Sophie's garden earlier. We clinked our bottles of beer, and set the world to rights, while Pops and her little one ran round and round and round, in that way that little boys do. I think that I remember running just like that, but when I close my eyes, I can't capture the feeling. I just sit there, amazed at the fizzing energy, and wondering how I can get me some of it. I'd really love to have just one day of feeling like a child again. To reclaim that essence of being young. I would dearly love to just live in the moment, with 'Spontaneous!' emblazoned on my grubby t shirt.

I piggy backed Olly home this evening, and as we came down the hill towards our house, we sang the 'Horsey, Horsey' rhyme. I stopped, I clippity clopped, I swished my tail and I turned around. All the while Olly was laughing and dangling to the side. I think this is as close as it gets to being a child for me. I'll take that.

Tomorrow is the last day of the school year for Olly and Alfie. It's not been without its' ups and downs. The ups have been fabulous. The down have been hard. I am looking forward to a day of pj wafting. And the grass needs cutting. I may do that on the first day of the jollies. I don't need to get changed for that. Olly has told me that he will be making the biggest Lego base 'ever in the world ever.' Alfie said that he is not to be disturbed until at least three in the afternoon. Both sound like good plans indeed.

Forgive me. I'm in a place right now, where grasping the moment and getting it down on the page is proving difficult. It's all a bit of a jumble of thoughts and words, with no real coherence. I think the waft will do me good.

Do you think I could make gin ice cream? You know, just in case.

Leanne xx

(for some reason, I am not able to access Bloglovin' Please bear with, until I remedy this).

Monday, 20 July 2015





That first scalding cup of tea. Drunk in bed, early in the morning before the boys are awake.

The agapanthus that grows outside my front door.

Honey's nose. It's exactly the same shape as a tulip.

When Olly is lost in a game, or concentrating on drawing.

Walking across dew soaked grass to peg out the first load of washing.

This song

Peanut butter on toast.

Seeing something you've never seen before. On Saturday I saw a leaf cutter bee flying with his leaf.

Clean children in clean pyjamas.

Grubby children with mussed up hair and sun kissed cheeks.

A camp fire.

A cold bottle of beer.

Reading in a warm, sunny room and nodding off, just for a little while.

A clean and tidy house.

A handful of beach treasures.

Putting your arms around the man you love.

All the windows open.

Singing along.


A list may be a cop out for a post. But I'm in a list kind of mood. I have written several this morning. Four actually. I really should be doing, rather than to-doing. I am in a thinking mood. Digesting the weekend, and looking forward to the long summer holiday. I am planning and day dreaming. I'm not getting much done.

Eeh, it must be Monday.

Leanne xx

I'd love to know one of your perfect things.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Tarry a while longer




Hello lovelies.
How's things at your end? Everything is trucking along here. With a hiccup or two along the way of course. But all is good. As it's Monday, I really should be cleaning up the post weekend house. I have camping equipment all over the living room. There is Lego everywhere I look. The floors need mopping. The loos need scrubbing. The beds need making. The cupboards are bare. There are shoes and wellies lying in wait to trip me up in the hallway.
But I'm feeling a bit rebellious today. I may just go and lie on the bed and read instead. I'm very good at making a meal from nothing, and I'm even better at a top and tail clean.
What do you think?
Leanne xx
(I have a new computer. Hooray!)


Sunday, 21 June 2015

It's a magic number



According to De La Soul, that number would be three.

I have been blogging for three years.

Although I haven't been able to blog at all for nearly three weeks. It's all been rather frustrating, and terribly dull. My computer is an old girl, and she's feeling her age (a bit like me). She has become rather cantankerous, and is no longer playing ball. I've been able to follow you via my phone. But not comment. Because I am crap. At any kind of technology. At all. At the moment I am using Marc's computer. It's horrid. I can't find anything, and none of my shortcuts that were set up for me, so that I wouldn't have to worry about working things out for myself are not available. And I'm perfectly aware that maybe now would be the ideal opportunity to learn how to do it, But frankly I cannot be arsed. I have a million and one other mundane tasks and worries and other things that I have not yet mastered:

I cannot wire a plug.

I cannot assemble flat packed furniture

I cannot do quadratic equations

I cannot fix my greenhouse door

I cannot erect a beach tent

While I realise that none of the above are necessarily failings, they do represent how utterly useless I am at most things practical and/or mathematical. I do try. You should see the unit we have recently bought for the tv. I built it all by myself, and very pleased with it I was too. It bows. Actually it sags as badly as my poor cats' tummy. My handiwork has become the laughing stock of my street. Marc keeps walking past it and shaking his head. When asked for reassurance, my neighbour took just that little bit too long to answer that it looked okay to her.

What is to become of me?

In other news:

I have now been sugar free for three weeks. It's not so bad now, but I was hateful for the first week. All I could think about was pic n mix. I ate a lot of fruit, 'cause it's the refined sugar that I want to leave behind. I'm not a zealout like the 'I Quit Sugar' woman (who scares me, frankly), and I think we all need some sweetness in our lives. I have since discovered healthy sweet treats that I can make at home, and they make me feel satisfied. They must be helping, because today is Father's Day in the UK, and Marc has had a lot of chocolate. Him and the boys have enjoyed it for breakfast and as a mid-morning snack, while I haven't even been tempted. Honestly. Not one jot. Not even dabbing my moistened finger on the foil packaging in order to pick up the crumbs, and kidding myself that it doesn't count. Smug. That's me.

My garden is making me inordinately happy indeed. Lots of different types of pollinators visiting all through the day. Even a couple of hummingbird moths, which I adore. We have three seagull chicks on the roof, with two rather over-protective parents. They tolerate us, but only just. I have a bounty of plums growing on the tree. It's the first time my tree has been so productive. I'm hoping for plum jam later this year. Ollys' love affair with the snail finished this week. He has been growing strawberries, and as they have ripened they have been attacked and eaten. Egg shells, coffee granules and a few pellets have not helped. The snails have lost their biggest ally. I hope that they're prepared.

Sam has now finished his A Levels. It all passed surprisingly smoothly. In fact he's been more grouchy since than during. By contrast, Alfie seems to be intent on not doing any studying at all, which has led to detentions, blazing rows and all sorts of stressful hideousness. I have thrown my towel into the ring. Any suggestion as to how you encourage a bright, but unmotivated teenage boy to knuckle down and accept that homework just is, please do tell. I would genuinely be grateful.

Oooh what else? A new rug for the living room, lots and lots of reading, watching Luther for the umpteenth time, planning camping trips, forgetting my Mum's birthday (oh the shame of it), resuming working as a counsellor, enjoying blossoming and healthy friendships, looking forward to Wimbledon and lots of other stuff. Good, bad, indifferent. You know the score.

I have so missed the interaction here. I am so glad to be back.

Have a lovely Sunday,

Leanne xx

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The year in books 2015 - June (and other stuff too)

It occured to me about ten minutes ago, as I put the honey away in the cupboard I tend to store the washing powder, that I may be a little distracted. The swimming pool is closed for a fortnight, and I am missing my ploughing of the lanes. The weather sucks. It's unlikely that I'll get out for a walk today. I have the house to myself until Sam returns from sitting his first A Level paper, and I need to hit the housework running. It is minging. Honestly. Think washing up mournfully sitting in a bowl of tepid water, various spills and thrills all over the floors from the past week, as yet unmade beds, stuff everywhere, Lego scattered liberally throughout the house and what I think are splatters of orange juice all up one wall (and the ceiling as it happens).

I shall gird my loins in just a while, and fly through the house as only a woman on a mission can. Once I get going, I find I enjoy the task of getting my home back into some semblance of order. I'll curse and moan under my breath all the while (honestly, do boys really have to be so bloody filthy?), but when order is restored from chaos I know I'll feel better about life in general. I'll feel that sense of accomplishment that a plump cushion and a washed floor can bring.

But a few things that have made me smile today; Olly came downstairs in full batman/zombie pirate regalia this morning. He wasn't going back to school, he said. He was off to fight crime. What kind of crime, asked Sam. Crime against snails, came the reply. Obviously, he still hasn't forgiven me for the teeny tiny amount of pellets that I have put around my precious cosmos seedlings. Anyway I did manage to get him to school, and as he went into class, I saw him sidle up to Miss Rae. He patted his coat pocket. She and he peered into it, and she took out a snail. They had a little chat, and then together took the snail outside and placed it on the grass outside the classroom. What am I going to do with him?!

My friend Liz and I have just had a lovely chat about our dear friend Roo. We have laughed and had a little tear too. Roo had a very naughty sense of humour, and I know that she'd appreciate that we could giggle in memory of her. It's made me think a lot about friendship, and what that means to me. It's something I think I'll explore further in a later blog post. Life often just doesn't make sense to me. The whys and the how could theys and the how could it happen to them. And I am very aware that I can easily get bogged down in the maudlin. I think I shall take a leaf from Roo's book, who basically just got on with living her life even as it was drawing to a close.

Live it. Live your life. No philosophy or soul searching is required. Just get on with it.

I've already started my choice for June, due to the fact that I have promised no more book purchasing until I've finished the back log on Kindle and shelf. I associate Ms Greer with the eunuch, but this is proving a fascinating read. The flora and fauna discussed in the book are unfamiliar, but I am enjoying it nonetheless.

Linking up with Laura.

Right I'm off to do battle, housewife style!

And hello to new followers. You are most welcome here.

Leanne xx

Monday, 1 June 2015

Raising a glass

This evening I am raising a glass to my friend. Someone I met through book group. Someone with the most amazing zest and energy for life. Who faced things head on with bravery and a sense of humour. Who had courage, guts and determination. Who was honest and pragmatic about her illness. Who raised a glass to us all via her Facebook page at the weekend.

God bless you Roo.

I will miss you so very much.

Leanne xx