Friday, 27 March 2015

Post birthday world



The sun shone yesterday. Bright and high in the sky. On one side of town the wind blew frothed topped waves onto the shore. On the other calm waters gently lapped the beach. I got to enjoy them both. I sat and faced the sun. I people watched. I talked to two little boys - hello Arthur and Stan - who came to pet Honey. I found a pretty shell. I marvelled at the clear sharp quality of the light. The light of St Ives.

Lately I've regained some confidence in myself, and I've dared to raise my head above the parapet. I am trying new things, and making new friendships. I am taking small risks once more, and starting to walk with a spring in my step again. I don't need the kick ass strut of Beyonce. I don't want the abs of Gwen Stefanie. I'm more a Clare Grogan kind of girl. That'll do for me.

Thank you for all of my birthday messages, gifts and love. I am surrounded by the most gorgeous people. Near and far. I think my forty fifth year is going to be most excellent.

Leanne xx

Monday, 23 March 2015

A spot of cleaning


You know it's just as well I gave up Facebook and not chocolate for Lent, because I've just had three massive spoonfuls of Nutella. I know it's not chocolate per se, but it's brown, gooey and sweet. I've sat here while the above photos have been loading, diving into that jar of yumminess. I can justify it, because I went swimming this morning and then spent the rest of the day Spring cleaning the kitchen. There was a lot of elbow grease involved, especially when I pulled the cooker out from it's recess. It was pretty horrific back there I can tell you. I did find my favourite wooden spoon, three magnets, a hook and a pair of scissors though. I proudly showed off my efforts to Sam when he came back from college. As you can imagine, he was as thrilled as me by the fruits of my labours.

Obviously Spring has arrived. The weekend saw Betty back on the drive. She was given an air and a spruce up too. Olly played in her, while I pottered with seeds in the greenhouse. I had a slight disaster when one of my staging racks decided to collapse, sending sweet pea seedlings all over the shop. Olly came running as the air turned blue, and helped me save as many as we could. He then suggested that I should plant some more, and "be careful next time, Mummy." So wise for one so young.

My bedroom has been given a thorough clean too. I even cleaned the velux windows and light (I haven't cleaned them in over ten years. Don't tell anyone). I ordered Sam and Alfie to clean their rooms too. Alfie did a great job. Sam emptied his bin. Olly's room is on the to do list for tomorrow, and then I tackle the big one; the attic. There is eighteen years worth of crap up there, and I am in ruthless mode.

We gave Betty a run out along the coast road to Cape Cornwall. Alfie was tired from all the cleaning, so stayed behind. Sam did come, and was very lovely to Olly. They made towers of the stones that make up the beach, and threw pebbles into the incoming tide. I sat in a sheltered spot feeling my freckles pop out to say hello, and Marc fell asleep on the slipway.

Another hectic week ensues. Thank you for all your best wishes regarding my lurgy. I can cope with morning sickness, a burst gall bladder and severing the top of my finger. I cannot cope with the common cold. At all. My family are all grateful that it is on the wane. And Olly says thank you for all your happy birthdays. I wonder if turning forty five will feel as good as turning five?

Leanne xx

Friday, 20 March 2015

Five On Friday

Joining in with the lovely Amy. Taking time out to enjoy five things from my week.
Or in this case, my day.
Which was lovely.

The eclipse was seen and admired by us all. I didn't take any of the actual event. I just kept snapping at Pops, who looked hilarious in his special gigs.  

Mum has been staying for a few days, and today we went to Falmouth.  For shopping and an early birthday lunch. I bought some garden twine and stickers. We had fish and chips. With lots of tartare sauce. I love tartare sauce. The flags were all flying at half mast in honour of the town's local policeman who died suddenly last week. In every shop window there was a photo of him with the words "Thanks Andy." He must have been quite a fellow. It was rather moving. 

Down at the harbour, we read many plaques with quotes and memories of wars gone past. I loved the 'Britishness' of some. All stiff upper lip, and Tommy bravado.The sunshine was hazy when we arrived, but soon cleared, revealing the gorgeous candy colors of the town's buildings. The water glinted in the harbour and we stood for a while looking over the side at cormorants diving for fish. The sea was crystal clear. 

It has been a very busy week, and my weekend lurgy has got worse. I have felt quite sorry for myself, and was so pleased that Mum was here. Not least because she makes the best roast dinners and did all my ironing. Olly has had a fabulous birthday week. It seemed to extend because of Mum's visit. He was spoiled with lots of attention and cuddles. Sam and Alfie found a great many treats in the cupboard. Nanny's know that the way to their grandsons hearts is through hugs and tummies!

Have a lovely weekend people 

Leanne xxxxx

(cough, sniff, splutter)

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Olly told me all I needed to know about being five on the way to school today. It means that he is all grown up now. It means that I don't need to come to the loo with him when he wants to have a poo. It means that he can probably go to the corner shop all by himself, and have as many sweets as he likes.

From this I have gathered that five is a very big deal. You've made it when you turn five. It's the big league from now on. Who am I to disagree (although there may be some hard fought negotiations with regards to solo shopping).

Happy Birthday Pops.

You are quirky, creative, loving, tenacious and bursting with energy.

You love having your back and feet tickled.

You say "Oh my gosh!" all the time.

Your jokes make absolutely no sense.

The only vegetable you will consider is broccoli, because it looks like a dinosaur tree.

You are a magpie, always spotting treasure to pop in your pockets.

You are kind to creatures. Today you helped a lost worm get back home.

You are cherished by all of us.

You are just brilliant.

Love Mum xx

(the pictures are not the best. It was just after 6am. I could barely focus. Neither could my camera apparently...)

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mother's Day


It all started on Friday night, when Marc got home from work. There was lots of furtive whispering on the stairs, and I knew that he was having the 'Mother's Day' chat. All was quiet until Saturday afternoon, when raised voices could be heard from upstairs. Aah, I thought. The Mother's Day preparations must be going well. I went about my business and pretended to be oblivious.

On Sunday I was woken up by Olly and Alfie. They both gave me a card of the Happy Birthday variety. That was probably the reason for the raised voices the day before. I had chocolates too, and some flowers. The chocolates were prised opened with glee by Olly, and he shared them with Alfie and Marc. To be honest, the only thing I wanted for Mother's Day was a lie in. Which I got. It's just as well, because I had the lurgy, and felt bloody rotten. So I slept in, and was woken up late morning with a cup of tea.

That afternoon we all went over to Godrevy. Samuel drove. I sat in the back with my eyes closed. There was bickering and banter. We laid a posy for Granny, and joked about how she would always pretend not to know it was Mother's Day when we pitched up bearing gifts. I loved that about her.

I asked Marc to take a picture of me and the boys, and was so chuffed that none of them refused. Olly is currently into making daft faces for the camera. But Sam and Alfie indulged me. A nice lady asked if we wanted a family shot. So I now have some snaps of us. A motley crew. One of us is far too tall. One of us is still teeny tiny. Ones of us is still as handsome as ever. One of us looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. And one of us looks happy to be surrounded by those she loves the most.

It's great being a Mum.

Leanne xx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Life on instagram

I am very much enjoying Instagram at the moment. I thought I'd share a selection of snaps that I have uploaded in the past couple of weeks. A peek into life here, as it happens. Nothing fancy or too styled (although there are some beautiful IG feeds out there. I'm thinking @porthjess and @carolinesouth). Just a hotch potch of stuff that have tickled my fancy at that time.  Spontaneous and fun.

Eating a pasty up The Digey ~ Iced buns for the boys ~ Hello little sweet peas ~ Stormy Porthmeor ~ Windswept selfie ~ Hangover cure ~ Little Letters arrival ~ Family Learning 

The pasty I ate while walking around town, after some heavy duty cleaning at home. I had a bleach headache, and needed some air. I also realised that I was starving, so treated myself to a cheese and veg pasty from the St Ives Bakery. I ate most of it overlooking Porthmeor, but I thought this was a great pasty selfie.

On Friday I had a hankering to make iced buns. They were a pleasure to make. I hadn't made any bread for the longest time, and the process of kneading, knocking back and proving was relaxing. I was really pleased with the way that they turned out. Needless to say they didn't last long.

The sweet pea seeds that I collected from last years plants have germinated in record time. I am thrilled that most have peeped above the soil. They are basking in the warmth of the greenhouse. Tomorrow I sow various vegetables and Cosmos. I have to say that I adore being in my greenhouse.

I have walked along Porthmeor beach several times this week. On this particular day a storm front swept in from the Atlantic. It bought a heavy downpour and I was soaked through. The colours were beautiful however.

Porthmeor again. A different day. It was very windy. I took a selfie. I quite like it!

Porridge for breakfast. The day after my trip to the cinema with my sister in law to see 50 Shades Of Grey. I wasn't expecting much, and therefore wasn't disappointed. It was cack. I've seen more chemistry and eroticism in a car advert.

Just over a month ago, Nell, wrote a post about penpals for little ones. I thought that it would be a great project for Olly to be involved in. He loves post. His first letter arrived all the way from Australia this week. He was completely thrilled, and took it into school today for show and tell.

Family Learning is a literacy based course that runs in schools up and down the UK. It's aims are to get parents more involved in their child's reading and writing. It's also a chance to observe and be part of your child's learning at school. The topic for our group is Spring, and we went on a wander around the school grounds to find signs of Spring. I also learnt about phonemes, and sounding out words.

Leanne xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Year In Books 2015 - March

Sometimes I decide to read a book, and then it just gets left and I read other things instead. That's what happened in February. I started my nominated book on Saturday. Needless to say I didn't finish it, although I am now half way through and enjoying it. The above shows some of the books that I did read. I also read 'Pigs In Heaven' by Barbara Kingsolver and 'The Apple Orchard' by Susan Wiggs, on my Kindle.

On the whole I enjoyed my February reads, apart from 'The Apple Orchard.' This was my book group choice. It wasn't for me. Too frothy. Too contrived. Too sentimental. I think I most enjoyed Viv Albertine's auto-biography 'Clothes, Music, Boys.' For any of you that don't know, Albertine was the guitarist in the 70's punk band The Slits. I feel a real nostalgia for all things seventies, even though I was only a young girl at the time of punk. I find the social history of Britain at that time fascinating. Albertine was part of an exciting movement that swept across the UK during a decade of huge unheaval and change for the country. It was perfect reading for me.

This month I have several books to choose from. I shall endeavour to finish February's read, and last night I downloaded 'The Miniaturist' by Jessie Burton and 'Elizabeth Is Missing' by Emma Healey. I've also started 'Confessions Of A Sociopath' by M E Thomas.

Linking up with Laura and her wonderful series.

Leanne xx